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The Future of Childcare

Your Home, Our Vision, Their Future!  

We don't just care, we educate!  It's the D.E.C. way...

The average caregiver spends more than 40 hours a week with a single family, so why settle for just ordinary care...  D.E.C. is the FIRST COMPANY to proudly offer educational based In-Home Childcare Services for it's clients.  Children deserve to be both nurtured and educated at the highest level. With our In-Home Services, your child(ren) will receive childcare, meal prep, laundry and housekeeping, along with our top notch age appropriate curriculum.

Here at D.E.C., we're committed to early childhood education at the highest level.  All of our professional Early Learning Specialists has training in Early Childhood Education, passed extensive background checks and have the necessary skill to care and educate at your home.  

To learn more about this service, please contact us at 407-395-2941.


Experience the Difference

Exceptional Teachers

Destiny Enrichment Center only employs teachers and staff members who are best qualified to provide the developmental curriculum and daily programming we require for our scholars. 

Exceptional Programs

Seeking something more for your child? At D.E.C. we offer an array of activities and programs necessary for your child to properly develop and advance their academic, socio-emotional, motor/gross, cognitive and physical skill sets. 

Exceptional Environment  

A warm, engaging, safe, caring, purposeful and self-paced (yet challenging) environment is provided for your child to flourish. Your home, our vision, their Future! Come experience the D.E.C. difference!

                   Why Wait? Let's Begin!

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What our students and parents are saying

Here, at Destiny Enrichment Center, we value your comfort and the safety and security of your child.

 D.E.C. is the FIRST COMPANY to proudly offer educational based In-Home Childcare Services for it's clients.

"My son learned early sign language and Spanish while with Mrs. Vazquez before the center started. I can only imagine how helpful she will be with other children at the center and how happy parents will be!  We are beyond blessed for the role she had in our little one's life. All I can say is terrific, caring and knowledgeable!"

Destiny Enrichment Center, LLC


Proudly serving families throughout the U.S.

Monday-Friday 6:00am - 6:30pm (weekend services upon request)

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