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About Us

We offer both play based and educational based curriculum on the guidelines of the Department of Education and NAEYC school readiness guidelines.

 The founders of D.E.C faithfully served in the areas of Early Learning Education and Law Enforcement and were able to impact their community through their work and volunteer hours. The safety, and developmental needs of children are and will continue to be the guiding light in all Destiny Enrichment Center facilities and In-Home Services. 

D.E.C Centers and In-Home Services were started and continues to operate under the direction of  experienced Executive Staff with education in Early Childhood development, Human Development and Family Studies, and Curriculum Development.

Welcome Children

Congratulations!!  You have found the place where your child will find their Destiny.  This unique and life changing service will focus on individual growth & development and allow it to spear head our efforts to equip your child with the necessary tools to achieve excellence.  Unlike ordinary childcare centers, D.E.C. believes that ALL children obtain God given gifts and strive to promote the very greatness that's within.  


Our literacy is prepared based on age groups, and developmental milestones. Children are natural explorers, therefore, natural exploration is a part of our everyday learning, while still providing students with guidance based on educational fundamentals set by Reggio Emilia, E. Erikson and J. Piaget. Curriculum is developmentally based, with additional goals derived from the level of knowledge upon entrance assessments of all scholars, unlike most childcare centers. Additionally, lessons and curriculum are reviewed and edited by our Curriculum Development Specialist, prior to implementation. Destiny Enrichment Center does not provide the same goals for all students, rather each educational and developmental goal is personalized based on the student's academic level, performance, parental preferences, and professional assessment by staff. 

A Day of Enrichment


Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Individualized Assessments

Music and Instruments

Daily Curriculum   Language Immersion

Bible-based  Literacy

Physical Development

 Outside play

Socio-Emotional Development

Natural Exploration

Cognitive Development

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